Workplace Health and Safety Consulting

Our consultants provide Workplace Health and Safety advice to drive your business towards best practice, allowing results to be tracked and workplace risks minimised - improving your bottom line.

What is Work Health and Safety?

Work Health and Safety (WH&S) is a multi-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the health, safety and welfare of people within the workplace. WH&S also aims to protect contractors, volunteers, customers, visitors, members of the public and any others who might be impacted by work being undertaken.

WH&S is driven by moral, legal, financial and reputational factors. Moral obligations surround the protection of employees' lives and welfare. WH&S legislation drives punitive and compensatory processes. High standards of WH&S can also reduce the costs associated with injury and illness, including medical care, sick leave and disability benefit costs. Many hidden costs associated with morale and productivity also exist. Furthermore, failure to effectively manage WH&S can have a significant impact on the reputation and public profile of an organisation.

Why choose Work Health and Safety?

We have been partnering with our clients for many years and, as a result, have an enviable depth of knowledge and experience in providing solutions to the unique risks within their businesses. Recovre seeks to understand our clients needs and address issues and concerns before they become a major problem.

Rather than attempting to drastically overhaul our clients systems, we look to support and compliment the businesses existing internal resources to provide solutions that are both highly effective and cost efficient.