The food supply chain presents various challenges for the Australian agribusiness sector. The squeezing of profit margins, fluctuating raw materials prices, weather conditions and environmental impairment all reflect the growing threats and risks facing agribusiness today.

JLT’s agribusiness specialists ensure you have total confidence that all operations are covered. We remove uncertainty, minimise risk exposures and reduce costs, so you can foresee future challenges and seize opportunities.

Trusted advisors

Our Agribusiness specialists will work closely with you to understand your risks and insurance needs and become your trusted adviser.  We achieve this by putting your needs first.  The result is:

  • Insurance protection that is highly tailored
  • Market leading cost of risk transfer
  • Speedier resolution of complex claims
  • Innovative self insurance funding vehicles

Insurance products and services

From the field to processing, storage, transportation and the supermarket shelf, we build resilience and sustainability across the food supply chain with innovative risk management:

  • Enterprise risk management auditing system
  • Operation risk registers
  • Risk assessment
  • Business continuity planning
  • Risk management training

Delivering when you need us most

Handling complex claims can be technically demanding and time consuming. With potential public anger and political reaction, claims can put significant pressure on your staff and systems.

At JLT, we fight for your interests with passion, determination and intelligence. We work side by side with you to ensure you extract the full value of your insurance policy.

We provide:

  • Advice on claims strategy to create a level playing field in dealing with your insurer
  • Investigate, measure and prepare a claim
  • Negotiate and settle a claim
  • Intervene to prevent lengthy disputes and legal costs
  • Plan responses to potential major losses