The JLT (Municipal Asset Protection Plan) Discretionary Trust Arrangement (JMAPP) is an innovative alternative to the traditional property insurance placement. JLT proudly acts as the Trustee and Manager of the JMAPP mutual on behalf of its Members.

As a member of JMAPP, we work with you to help ensure you continue delivering the highest standards of integrity and service to your community. Through delivering the bonds of loyalty, trust and responsibility with a shared vision, together, we deliver the long-term protection of Local Government, providing value that is long-lasting and sustainable.

The fundamental purpose of JMAPP is to maximise the cost saving benefits to its Members.

The trust which comprises over 60 Victorian Local Government Corporations is designed for property damage type claims. JMAPP combines the elements of a Discretionary Trust with conventional property damage/ business interruption insurance.

The success of JMAPP trust is driven by the combined buying power and risk sharing of Victorian and Tasmanian Local Government corporations who support the program.

The benefits of JMAPP include:

• Claims paid on a discretionary basis
• Competitive and stable pricing
• Security and long-term stability
• Equity and rebates through unique discretionary trusts
• Stable and trusted reinsurance partners that have stood the test of time
• Return of surplus rebates and interest disbursements to members, meaning profits go to members, not insurers
• Sector-specific member services
• Capped financial trust with no additional calls on members

Since its inception in 1998, JMAPP has continued to grow and operate successfully. JMAPP has consistently demonstrated that it can deliver financial benefits to its Members and achieve its objective of ensuring protection through stable contributions, cost containment and spread of risk.

The fund was developed at the time when individual Councils with poor claims records were being heavily penalised and many had difficulty obtaining protection. With Councils operating within a limited revenue stream, large claim payments were becoming increasingly difficult to budget for.

The ongoing support from Members is reflective of Local Government joining together to achieve results for the benefit of the communities for which they serve.

In Australia, Local Government Mutual Schemes and Joint Discretionary Trusts have a proven record of delivering sustainably low contributions even in the face of adverse claims outcomes. Such is the benefit of insulation provided by the size of membership. Purchasing power allows the Mutual Schemes and Funds access to the broadest possible protection and competitive prices. The JMAPP trust is extensive and robust, and it provides the utmost security to Councils and their communities.