Claims and Risk Services

Claims and risk management is important to Local Governments as there are a number of stakeholders including council members, constituents, suppliers and employees. JLT recognises the importance of each and provides services to support Councils in managing these.

Councils are able to access these services either through JMAPP or through a separate service offering.


Claims management is a crucial and key element of our service. JLT has unrivalled experience to ensure the most beneficial insurance claim settlement is achieved. We can use the discretionary benefit to pay claims in the best interest of our members .Our claims are managed locally from end-to-end by skilled and experienced personnel with significant expertise in public sector claims, who work staunchly in our members best interest at all times.


JLT provides a number of risk services to our clients. These range from risk profiling through to specialised programmes such as environmental analysis. We also have specific programmes Members of JMAPP can automatically access including risk management and education services.

The following value-added services are included in the membership:

  • Property Audits
  • Workshops
  • A range of Nominated Risk Services
  • Inspections
  • Presentation forums and seminars
  • Risk Help Desk