Council Connect

Council Connect is a JLT service offering designed to help councils manage their most important asset – their people. It is built to help Councils reduce workplace risks, lower workers’ compensation costs and engage with their employees through rewards and benefits.

JLT’s suite of strategic risk management and wellness services are designed to assist councils achieve high productivity and premium savings.

NSW Local Government is currently undergoing a period of great change and uncertainty. Although this can contribute to workplace related issues, JLT’s specialisation and position of strength in the insurance market creates unique opportunities for cost reduction and improved employee support to assist Councils.

As a committed partner of NSW local government, JLT brings together its extensive people risk management services to form our services. This offering assists Councils not only in reducing their workers’ compensation costs but also providing a broad range of support service to protect and reward their staff.

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Reduce Costs

JLT’s suite of risk management and wellness services supports Councils to maintain premium savings over the longer term. This includes specialist Workers’ Compensation advice, claims prevention strategies and return to work services through our in-house occupational rehabilitation provider, Recovre.

Protect Employees

It is crucial that employees are protected and supporting during times of change at work. This is not only to protect their mental wellbeing, but also to maintain productivity and reduce the likelihood of any workers Compensation related claims. JLT has developed a suite of employee protection programs to mitigate employee risks and enhance employee support.

Reward Employees

JLT has negotiated a range of insurance benefits that can be provided to Council employees at little to no net cost.

JLT utilises its in house benefits technology to ensure employees are aware of these benefits and support Councils derive the greatest impact from benefits provision.

Council Connect

We understand through our involvement with 123 NSW local councils that your management and staff can at times work long hours, with minimal resource and within tight time frames. This can raise issues of health and safety in the workplace.

Our Council Connect team can work with you to minimise Workers’ Compensation costs and focus on arranging competitive and appropriate health, life and personal insurance benefits through consulting, employee engagement risk management and administration support.

We can also help Council by providing assistance in resilience and stress management, conflict, understanding areas of improvement and employee wellbeing. Council Connect is a holistic approach to minimising risk and engaging employees.

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Council Connect is only available in NSW