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contact Damian Schinck
Managing Director, Corporate Risks and Mining

T: +61 3 9613 1429
E: damian.schinck@jlta.com.au

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Western Australia

contact Jason Mathews
General Manager

T: +61 8 9426 0982
E: jason.mathews@jlta.com.au

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South Australia

contact David Brumpton
General Manager, Corporate Risks

T: +61 8 8418 0212
E: david.brumpton@jlta.com.au

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New South Wales

contact Dirk Van Elst
General Manager, Corporate Risks

T: +61 3 9613 1491
E: Dirk.VanElst@jlta.com.au

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contact Peter Jeeves
General Manager, Corporate Risks

T: +61 7 3246 7506
E: peter.jeeves@jlta.com.au

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contact Patrick Moore
Manager, Business Development

T: +61 7 3246 7505
E: patrick.moore@jlta.com.au

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