About the JDT

JLT Discretionary Trusts have been operating throughout Australia since 1986, providing our clients, their customers and members with an alternative to traditional insurance.

We work closely with each of our clients and invest the time to ensure that we fully understand their requirements and deliver a solution specific to their particular needs.

The JLT Discretionary Trust is exclusively available through JLT and presents organisations and groups of individuals with an innovative and cost effective solution to protect them from risk and uncertainty - even in the most challenging market conditions:

  • Flexible Structure - offering organisations greater control over how they manage their risks
  • Broad Ranging Cover - specific to each target sector and often protecting risks beyond the scope of traditional insurance
  • Competitive Terms
  • Members may share in surplus profits
  • Rewards for good risk management
  • Dedicated and responsive claims team
  • Discretionary Claims Decisions

The Discretionary Trust provides its members with a highly sophisticated instrument for addressing identified exposures, using an alternative risk transferring vehicle that has been actuarially constructed and is professionally managed.