20 June 2017

As the impact of icare’s announcement on the future landscape of Workers Compensation in NSW continues to unfold, JLT hosted an engaging panel discussion for our clients’ in collaboration with icare and EML representatives.

The event held on 15th June 2017 unearthed some important insights and answered crucial questions on the upcoming changes.

Panelists John Nagle, Group Executive from icare, Mark Coyne, Chief Executive from EML, and Georgie Ahern, National Manager - Workers Compensation from JLT delivered key messages on their collaborative, consultative approach and co-design process of the new claims model.

icare is currently in the transition phase with the new claims model set to be fully enabled between April and June 2018.

John Nagle from icare reinforced that during the transition process icare is open to feedback and consultation. He encouraged organisations to challenge processes in order to help create an effective system. Therefore, organisations should expect a few more “tweaks” during this period of change and co-design.

Panelists emphasised that icare’s co-design approach to the new claims model will ensure all stakeholders are taken into consideration.

The new claims model focuses on employers and workers being empowered and having more choice. John Nagle from icare spoke about reducing administrative burdens and shifting the focus from processes back to people, thus creating a simplified, consistent and empathetic system. Employers will have more choice, flexibility and easy-to-use options in the proposed model.

This was supported by Mark Coyne from EML who stressed that EML is working closely with icare to ensure a smooth transition and efficient system design.

The successful event, hosted at JLT’s Sydney office, attracted a range of clients who found the panel discussion insightful.

As a market leader in Workers Compensation, JLT will continue to work closely with icare and clients through this transition at a state and national level. JLT are working to ensure immediate and long-term benefits for our clients and their employees.

Clients are encouraged to contact their JLT account managers about any queries or further information.