Corporate Social Responsibility

At JLT, we are never satisfied with the expected answers and always strive to do more for our clients and the communities around us. In Australia, we believe that our efforts within our communities are paramount to building the collaborative culture we pride ourselves on.

Supporting Cystic Fibrosis research

In partnership with the Westmead Children’s Hospital, we seek to improve the life of young Australian’s with Cystic Fibrosis.

Since 2004, our annual golf day comprising staff, insurers, members of the legal fraternity, service providers, prospects and clients has raised in excess of AUD 1.5 million. Every dollar raised has continued to fund a Cystic Fibrosis doctor, the JLT Medical fellow.

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common life threatening genetic condition in Australia. The life shortening illness attacks the lungs and digestive system with repeated infections, leading to lung damage and eventually respiratory failure. The quality of life and long-term survival of children with Cystic Fibrosis depends on care from specialist staff until a cure is found.

In May 2016, we were delighted to present a further cheque for $140,890.77. These funds will sponsor a Cystic Fibrosis doctor for 2017 and continue important research toward's improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for children living with Cystic Fibrosis.

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In response to the overwhelming frustration of local community groups not being able to access affordable insurance, JLT established Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) to manage the specialised insurance needs of clubs and community groups within Australia. This business aims to assist low turnover Not for Profit Organisations that provide services to the broader community consisting mainly of volunteers.


On an everyday basis, a large number of staff dedicate their own time to support various charitable organisations through events such as Jeans for Genes, Movember, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, The Infants’ Home and the Adelaide Christmas Party for Special Children.


In all we do, JLT recognises both an opportunity and social responsibility to introduce and maintain environmentally sustainable practices. From how we manage our energy consumption to the products we buy, we are committed to meeting the environmental needs and expectations of our clients, employees and the community.

Responsible procurement

As well as concentrating on our own actions, JLT is aware that we are in the privileged position of being able to encourage and influence our supply base to place CSR high on the agenda. Consistent with CLP’s own responsible procurement policy, we value long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and require all of our suppliers to demonstrate a commitment to meeting all CSR expectations. JLT has incorporated a number of activities into our standard operating procedures to ensure that both environmental and social factors are considered at every available opportunity throughout the procurement process. This ensures we make a positive contribution to our industry, the environment and the communities in which we operate. Key actions taken by JLT include:

  • Evaluating the environmental impact of new procurement requirements, with an assessment made as to whether there is a more environmentally friendly way of doing things
  • Assessing each procurement RFP’s detailed CSR questionnaire, which then forms an integral component of our supplier selection process
  • Providing freedom to suppliers to be innovative in their solutions to meet JLT’s requirements in the most sustainable, yet economical, fashion
  • Considering the approach of all potential suppliers to CSR by conducting regular audits, with the outputs taken into account when making award decisions    

Corporate Governance

At JLT, our client first approach is embedded in every decision we make and responsible for the transparent business relationships we form. As client advocates, working with integrity and discipline ensures we deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders – our clients, people, trading partners and investors.


We have a clear anti-bribery and corruption policy and we support our employees to make decisions in line with our stated position. Our corporate conduct is based on our commitment to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity. We will uphold laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, particularly laws that are directly relevant to specific business practices.