Recruitment Process

The recruitment process may vary depending on the requirements of the role, however the general process is outlined below.

Residency, citizenship and visa requirements

All applicants must fulfil Australian residency requirements at the time of application.


Ensure that you fully review the information in the job advertisement and that you are a close match for the outlined requirements. First impressions count so ensure that your CV is up to date and highlights skills and experience relevant to the job for which you are applying. This will give you the best chance of being short-listed for the next stage.


Interviews are an opportunity for us to provide you with additional information about JLT and the role you have applied for. Likewise, during an interview we will assess your suitability for the requirements of the role. The number and type of interviews held may vary.

JLT often utilise Behavioural Interview questions as part of a structured interview. Behavioural interview questions ask you to talk about how you handled specific situations or events in the past. To best answer these questions you should set the scene, describe the action you took and explain what the outcome was. We recommend that you prepare for an interview with JLT by refreshing your memory of examples which best highlight your skills and experience.

Psychometric assessment

Psychometric testing may be used as an additional objective, reliable and relevant assessment method during the recruitment process.

Employment Reference Checks and Background Checking

Two recent, management references are checked as part of the recruitment process.

All candidates are required to complete a background verification check as part of their onboarding process. Further details of this will be provided during the recruitment process.