Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing our differences enables us to bring the best of JLT to all of our clients around the world. Across 135 countries JLT celebrates inclusivity with a distinctive working environment that appreciates the contributions and value of every employee. Together, we deliver results.

Celebrating the diversities that enrich our lives

At JLT, we believe in doing things differently. We see the world, the risks and opportunities our clients' face through specialist insight. These insights are enhanced by the many perspectives and experiences of our employees and the one tie that connects us all: humanity. The way our people think and the problems we solve express the heart and essence of JLT; a culture of respect for equality and individual identity.

Opportunity through diversity

Beyond diversity, our workplace is centred on inclusion. In all we do, we make sure our employees feel comfortable and valued. Our employees are empowered with the freedom to express their individual identity. We are open-minded and make sure all of our employees feel at home. Our culture of inclusion fosters connectivity amongst our employees. We ensure everyone has a voice and all ideas are heard. What’s the result? We listen to new perspectives, honour opinions, share knowledge, question decisions and ignite innovation.

Embracing the diversity of our clients

Clients are in our DNA. They are the lifeblood of our business. In order to develop the close relationships we pride ourselves on, we need to speak their language. Diversity gives us the best opportunity to appeal to our clients and excel in meeting the service standards they deserve.